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Common Mistakes People Make When Cooking Pasta

Common Mistakes People Make When Cooking Pasta

Pasta may seem like such a simple dish to cook but there is an art to it.  Often pasta isn’t cooked properly and you end up with a sticky mess that still has some uncooked noodles in the middle of it.  Here are some common mistakes people make while cooking pasta.  Avoid these and you’ll have the perfect plate of pasta every time.

  1. Not using a big enough pot

This is the most common mistake made when cooking pasta.  There is a ratio of water to pasta that you should follow to get the right consistency, you need four quarts of water for every pound of pasta you cook.  Most Italian chefs will use even more than that, pasta needs to be able to move around while it is cooking.  The right ratio of water will give you the right taste and texture.

  1. Adding oil to the water

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